Hi, We are Gabby & Monica.

We are the founders of Frontline Females Firefighting Camp. The camp is an all girls camp for firefighting, where we teach the foundation and basics to firefighting while maintaining a safe and fun environment.

Our goal is to mold the next generation of firefighters that are female! By having this camp we increase the diversity in the fire service to broaden our skills, experiences, training & more.

On a fire scene you can't tell who's a girl and who's a boy and it truly doesn't matter as long as you have the heart for it and training. There are very few females in the fire service and it is extremely difficult to get the other half of the population interested in a male dominated field.

We are here to break those initial barriers in an all female camp by allowing them to see that you don't have to be a muscle man to do the job. The fire service is welcoming to all who are interested in joining!

2022 Instructors

Katherine Hagestad

Essex Jct Fire Department

Anna Jo Smith


New Haven Fire Department

Abby Arnold

Bennington Fire Department

Annika Coloney

Underhill Fire Department

Monica Duhamel

Alburgh Fire Department

Celeste Slauterbeck

Shelburne Fire Department

Gabrielle Viens

North Hero Fire Department

Our Support

We are so grateful for the immense amount of support we have received while organizing this camp! Listed below are those who have contributed their support, cheered us on, provided training tools, donated, and gave us the tools and information we need to make this camp happen!

Alburgh Chief - Ron Kumetz

Alburgh Fire Department Members

North Hero Chief - Mike Murdock

North Hero Fire Department Members

Grand Isle Former Chief - Todd Boutin

Grand Isle Chief - Adam White

Grand Isle Fire Department Members

South Hero Chief - Patrick Robinson

South Hero Captain - Ryan Viens - Camp Safety Officer

South Hero Fire Department Members

Rouses Point Fire Department

New Haven Fire Department

Salisbury Fire Department

Essex Jct Fire Department

Underhill Fire Department

Former South Hero Fire Department Chief, Kim Julow

Whiting Fire Department

Cornwall Fire Department

Bennington Fire Department


Vermont Fire Academy

Vermont Division of Fire Safety

David Dixon, Salt Lake City Fire Department Station 5

Susanna Alley, Salt Lake City Fire Department

Darby Egbert, Office of the Mayor, Salt Lake City

Local Businesses - Food

TDI Repair & Towing

Jean Claude Taliana - Photography

& Many More

Media Coverage


Channel 22/44

The Islander